#ItsHappening: Used immediately (and sometimes hastily) after a positive outcome by a Minnesota sports team — not just any positive outcome, but a positive outcome that signifies a world championship is likely, usually after digging out of a sub-.500 hole.

Example: "Jamey Carroll. RBI double. #Twins lead 1-0. #ItsHappening."


Q: Is it happening?

Q: How much do the shirts cost?
A: These statement-making t-shirts are available for the small price
of $13.00 (and up)!

Q: How much is shipping?
A: For the combined Shipping & Handling cost of $5.75, these shirts will be treated with loving hands and delivered to the destination of your choice. This is a one-time cost for each order, so you can order up as many shirts as you’d like for the same flat rate…meaning the more you order, the better the deal!

Q: How long will it take to receive my order?
A: The level of #ItsHappening-ness will affecting the volume of orders we receive, but our goal is always to get these masterpieces out to you and worn proudly as soon as we possibly can. It’s probably safe to assume you’ll receive your #ItsHappening shirt order in two-three weeks, but often sooner.

Q: Where are the shirts printed?
A: Printed? Printed?!? ...when crowds cheer, these shirts are born, right here in the state of Minnesota where it’s always happening!

Q: What sizes are the shirts available in?
A: From Mighty Mouse to Paul Bunyan, we outfit ‘em all! You can grab any of these beauties in sizes Small through 4XL (additional charge of $1.50 for XXL, $2.50 for XXXL or $3.50 for XXXXL)!

Q: What if there is a problem with my order?
A: We aim to please! Contact us any time with questions, concerns or bad jokes! We’ll resolve any issues and make sure you're completely satisfied.

Q: So, seriously, is it really happening?
A: What do you think? HECK YA IT IS!


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